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Driver license

Recording and restoration of signatures, using Colour CCD Camera and digital image processing.
MCM DESIGN developed a software package for image acquisition and separation of signatures for DVLA, sub-contracting to Extec Hybrid.
The acquisition software was based on the mTCi TWAIN driver for the Coreco Inc. TCi-SE frame grabber, but is today (2001.06) using the PicoloTWAIN driver for the Picolo board from Euresys.
Initially MCM DESIGN was approached by Extec Hybrid, to customise a TWAIN driver to operate on the hardware platform designed by Extec Hybrid. As the project progressed, MCM DESIGN was offered the commission to develop a technique for separating signatures printed on driver license application forms.
The imaging software was required to:

  1. Operate as a TWAIN driver, complying with DVLA's existing software.
  2. Record a colour image of an application form, containing both the applicants signature and picture.
  3. Determine the signature position and size.
  4. Filter out the surrounding green frame, whenever a signature is not within the subscribed printing area.
  5. Substitute the background with a solid white surface, to reduce noise in the final image.
  6. Resize the signature for a best fit into the original printing area.
Today, the software package is installed on some 300 computers, recording about 7 million images per year of application forms for driver licenses in the UK, enhancing customer service and through-put.
We have included a few examples below, showing the acquired signature image before processing, and the resulting image after separating and resizing the signatures.

Input Result
[sample] [result]
[sample] [result]
[sample] [result]
[sample] [result]
[sample] [result]
[sample] [result]

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