mTCi TWAIN Driver

The mTCi software package, contains both the mTCi TWAIN driver and the mTCi Application. mTCi supports the TCi SE and TCi Ultra frame grabber series from Coreco Inc.

The mTCi TWAIN driver and application supports all the features available in the TCi SE and TCi Ultra (II) frame grabber series.
This allows you to record images using B&W, composite or RGB cameras in either PAL or NTSC.
The mTCi TWAIN driver is one of the most advanced TWAIN drivers for frame grabbers on the market, and supports the TWAIN standard version 1.7.

Image Acquisition

The mTCi TWAIN driver and application lets you record images in almost any size, resolution and colour. It all depends on the camera your using.

File formats

Both the mTCi TWAIN driver and application allows you to store images using the Windows bitmap, TIFF or JPEG file format.


The mTCi application enables you to record live image sequences. The length of the sequences depends on the used video standard, the size of image, and the colour resolution (Grey or RGB).
The TCi driver is capable of allocating a maximum of 100 Mbytes of RAM memory for this purpose. For example, using PAL (25 images per second) and using a B&W CCD camera, you are able to record 237 images in the maximum resolution (768 x 576 pixels), corresponding to 9,48 seconds of movie. Choosing half the resolution (384 x 288 pixels) will allow you to record 4 times as many images, i.e. 948 images over 37,92 seconds.
The recorded sequence can be stored on disk, in a single file consisting of the N bitmaps recorded.


Exposure & external trigger

Both the TCi Ultra II rev. D and TCi SE-RGB frame grabber supports controlling the exposure period from the camera.
The mTCi TWAIN driver and application allows you to use this facility.
Using the TCi SE-RGB frame grabber we recommend the following cameras for this purpose:

  • Sony DXC 930 P
  • Sony DXC 950 P
  • Sony XC 003

Windows message control

The mTCi Application allows you to control some of the functionality via Windows messages from another application.
The functions are:

  • Start live acquisition
  • Record one image
  • Store image under a given name and path
  • The image size
If you need this capability we have a test program available, written in C++Builder, showing how to implement this functionality.

Get the free demo

If you would like to evaluate mTCi TWAIN driver, you can download a free trial version.

Support & Updates

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the mTCi TWAIN driver.

For support, please contact us at: Support

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