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Image Lab

Image Lab provides a comprehensive set of tools that will get you through the steps of capturing and processing images.
Finally but not least, Image Lab gets the results you need. The description below will give you a short introduction to Image Lab.


Image Lab

Acquire an Image

Images are recorded and imported directly into Image Lab from any TWAIN compatible Scanners, Digital Cameras and CCD cameras interfaced via Frame Grabbers. All that is needed, is a TWAIN driver (a software driver), which supports the hardware acquisition unit connected to your computer. MCM DESIGN supplies a handful of TWAIN driver for different frame grabbers. The latest version of these, can be found at the TWAIN Driver page.
Images can be imported and exported in different image file formats: BMP, CRI, JPEG and TIFF. Image Lab handles images with colour resolutions from 16, 256 to 16,7 mil. colours or 16 and 256 grey scales.


With the many predefined filters you can remove noise, average and enhance features in an image. Apart from this you'll find erode and dilate filters to change the size of features in the image, detect edges of features, level intensities of objects and background. If the filter you seek isn't among the pre-defined filters in Image Lab, you can construct exactly the filter that meets your requirements, whether this is a single or combined double filter.

Histogram & Tune

The different Histogram and Tune functions, makes it possible to modify the intensities and colours in your images so that interesting features becomes clear.


Images are resampled, rotated, shifted but of perticular interest, transformed using Fast Fourier Transformation or FFT. The FFT transformation allows you to transform images forth and back between the frequency domain and time domain.

Optical & Spatial Calibration

It is often desirable to calibrate the system so that the measured data units are represented in a standard unit. Image Lab makes it possible to express densities measurements in true O.D. (Optical Density) values, by performing a simple calibration. Likewise, measured object length, perimeter, area etc. are of cause reported in the meter system.
Images are easily calibrated to the spatial resolution of you choise. Either to one of your predefined resolution, or a new definitions. Image Lab even allows you to perform spatial calibrations with different horizontal and vertical resolutions.

Standard Curves

Standard curves can be create from known objects, using the objects area or density etc. as one parameter and a user defined parameter (mass, concentration or any other data size) as the second parameter. This, can in turn be used to calculate the unknown "user defined" data for all other features in the image.

Measuring Features

Extracting information from objects in an image, i.e. measure density, intensity, length, area etc. are the main interest here.
The Features in an image can either be detected automatically by Image Lab or you can simply draw around the object using one of the drawing tools.

Getting the Results

All reports are displayed in a spreadsheet that allows you to take advantage of the more than 300 mathematical functions. The results can easily be copied to your word processor or other spreadsheet programs, or stored in Microsoft ® Excel file format.

Adding comments on the image

You can easily add comments, with the Text tool anywhere in the image, using any font and size.

Hardware & Software Requirements

To run Image Lab, you should have at least a Pentium computer with 32 Mbyte RAM, 10 Mbyte free hard disk space, a graphics board that can show a minimum of 256 colours (16.7 mill. colours are recommended), in a resolution 1024x768 pixels. Apart from this you'll need an image acquisition device, i.e. a flatbed scanner or CCD camera plus a frame grabber, that is ready for TWAIN. Image Lab requires Windows 95, Windows NT 4 or latter.

What's next ?

MCM DESIGN constantly works on improving Image Lab by adding new features, that helps and simplifies your work. To stay in touch with the outside world, we welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have, that can take Image Lab further and make Image Lab improve your work.

Looking for ...

If you are looking for an image analysis software package, that performs a special task, or are in need of extracting unique data from images, not available in Image Lab, then send us a mail explaining your requirements.

Image Lab

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Support & Updates

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Image Lab software package.

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