The PicoloTWAIN software package contains the PicoloTWAIN driver, that enables you to acquire images directly into you favourite imaging software. PicoloTWAIN supports the Picolo, Picolo Pro, Picolo Pro 2 and Picolo Pro 3 frame grabber series from Euresys s.a.



PicoloTWAIN allows you to record images using B&W and composite colour cameras using PAL, NTSC or SECAM video format.
The PicoloTWAIN driver is one of the most advanced TWAIN drivers for frame grabbers on the market, and comply with the TWAIN standard version 1.9.
PicoloTWAIN depends on either the Picolo Industrial or MultiCam driver supplied with your Picolo frame grabber.

If you would like to evaluate PicoloTWAIN, download the free trial version.

Image Acquisition

The PicoloTWAIN driver lets you record images in almost any resolution, colour and size (maximum PAL 768 x 576, NTSC 640 x 480 pixels). It all depends on the camera you are using.

Image Integration & Averaging

The PicoloTWAIN driver enables you to integrate and average image over a time frame to enhance the contrast and reduce noise in your images. Each integration and averaging period is entered in seconds. The defined integration or averaging periods can be saved for quick access later, through a speed buttons menu.

File formats

The PicoloTWAIN driver supports the image file formats: Windows bitmap, TIFF and JPEG.

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