With the MultiTWAIN driver you can acquire high resolution images directly into your favourite imaging or document software package. MultiTWAIN support the GrabLink Value and GrabLink Expert frame grabber series from Euresys s.a.
The MultiCapture application further enables you to acquire images from multiple cameras and frame grabbers and automatically store the images to disk.


The MultiTWAIN driver is together with the PicoloTWAIN and DominoTWAIN driver one of the most advanced TWAIN drivers for frame grabbers on the market, and comply with the TWAIN standard version 1.9.
MultiTWAIN requires that the MultiCam device driver version 2.9 or later is installed. This driver is supplied with your frame grabber.

  • Image Acquisition
  • Exposure control
  • Trigger
  • File formats

If you would like to evaluate MultiTWAIN and MultiCapture, download the free trial version.

Image Acquisition

MultiTWAIN records images in the colour (grey-scale or RGB true colour) and size format provided by the connected camera.
The MultiCapture application further provides the option to store images automatically as they are recorded. A typical application could be to trigger two cameras simultaneously to obtain stereo-images.


MultiTWAIN and MultiCapture provides the facility to control the exposure duration allowing you to catch either moving objects without motion-blur or take advantage of long exposures when capturing images of low light emission material.

External Trigger

External trigger pulses can be used to initiate a single or multiple image acquisition. Using a trigger pulse together with the auto-save facility enables you to catch and store images at the exact event.

File formats

MultiTWAIN stores the recorded images to disk in the Windows Bitmap, TIFF, JPEG and many other file formats.

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