With the DominoTWAIN driver you can acquire images directly into your favourite imaging or document software package. DominoTWAIN support the Domino Mini, Maxi and Mega frame grabber series from Euresys s.a.


The DominoTWAIN driver is together with the PicoloTWAIN and MultiTWAIN driver one of the most advanced TWAIN drivers for frame grabbers on the market, and comply with the TWAIN standard version 1.9.
DominoTWAIN depend on the Domino device driver supplied with your Domino frame grabber.

If you would like to evaluate DominoTWAIN, download the free trial version.

Image Acquisition

DominoTWAIN records images in 256 grey levels from cameras using either of the video formats PAL or NTSC in interlaced or progressive scan mode. Using the video formats PAL or NTSC, the image resolution is 768 x 576 pixels respectively 640 x 480 pixels. With the Domino Mega you can acquire images in high resolution, up to 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Image Integration & Averaging

The DominoTWAIN driver provides a facility to integrate and average images over a time period to enhance the contrast and reduce noise in your images. Each integration and averaging period is entered in number of frames, i.e. images. The defined integration or averaging periods can be saved for quick access through a speed button menu.

Gain & Offset and Filters

The gain and offset control lets you adjust the contrast and brightness in your images before they are digitised. Filters can likewise be applied to remove colour sub-carrier information, and anti-aliasing.

File formats

DominoTWAIN stores the recorded images to disk in the Windows Bitmap and TIFF file format.

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