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The Imaging, TWAIN and OCR Toolkits were updated at our new site:

TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.3
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 4.3
  • Added support for Delphi XE8.

The Imaging, TWAIN and OCR Toolkits were updated at our new site:

TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.2
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 4.2
  • Added support for Delphi XE7.
07.07.2014 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.1
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 4.1
  • Added support for Delphi XE6.
23.03.2014 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.1
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 4.1
  • Supporting the TWAIN standard verion 2.x running in Windows XP, Windowss 7 and 8, 32 bit and 64 bit.
04.01.2014 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.0
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 4.0
  • Added support for Delphi XE2, XE3, XE4 and XE5.
04.12.2013 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 4.0
  • Added support for Delphi XE2.
  • Internal threads are limited to only run during a TWAIN session. Resolved compiler warnings using deprecated methods TThread.suspend and TThread.resume.
07.03.2011 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.11
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.4
  • Added support for Delphi XE.
24.10.2009 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.10
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.3
  • Added support for Delphi 2010.
31.08.2009 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.2
  • Added support for Delphi 2009.
31.08.2009 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.9
  • Corrected issues concerning Unicode and memory transfer.
11.01.2009 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.8
  • Added support for Delphi 2009.
30.09.2007 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.1
TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.7
  • Updated installation programs for our developer toolkits for Delphi 2005, 2006 and 2007, to improve support on Windows Vista.
19.08.2007 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.1
  • Added support for Delphi 2007.
11.08.2007 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.7
  • Added support for Delphi 2007.
05.06.2007 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 3.0
Added new classes to trace features in images.
  • TmcmTrace.
  • TmcmPolygon.
19.03.2006 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.16
  • Modified the TmcmImage.PastRegion to allow a source image to be placed partly outside the target image’s boundary.
  • Added two new filers: MeanHarmonic and MeanContraHarmonic to the TmcmImageFilter.
  • Modified TmcmShape to fill the polygon using it’s Brush when the polygon is closed.
  • Fixed a missing initialization of palette for PCX version 3 BW images.
  • Re-enabled reading image files having unknown file extensions.
  • Corrected an error in the TmcmOpenDialog.
  • Added new forms to the ITFD.DPR sample project: creating a new bitmap, re-sizing the bitmap canvas, and a color selection dialogue.
  • Added additional drawing tools to the ITFD.DPR sample project, illustrating how to draw on an images canvas.
31.01.2006 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.14
This release contains improvements on transparency issues.
  • Improved support for 32 bit images, i.e. the alpha channel in both the TmcmImage and TmcmImageColor controls.
  • Improved use of transparency in the TmcmPrinter and TmcmPrintPreview controls.
22.01.2006 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.13
This release concerns the TIFF (TmcmTIFFImage) class.
  • Corrected a problem reading CCITT Group 4 compressed TIFF files.
01.01.2006 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.12 and TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.6
  • Added support for Delphi 2006.
12.12.2005 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.11
This release concerns the TIFF (TmcmTIFFImage) class.
  • Added JPEG compression support in the TIFF class (TmcmTIFFImage), which follows the recommendations released after TIFF version 6.0.
25.11.2005 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.10
This release is primarily directed towards two edge filters.
  • Added the advanced edge filter Shen-Castan.
  • Improved the edge filter Marr-Hildreth.
27.09.2005 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.9
This release contains support for Drag & Drop, new filter, threshold and mathmatical methods, the ability to register file formats with the TmcmImageFileMgr.
In order to allow registration of external file formats/classes we had to re-design the TmcmImageFileMgr control. This means that the methods Get/SetSupportedFormats have been replaced with RegisterFileFormat and UnregisterFileFormat. In addition the TmcmFileFormat, TmcmFileFormats, TmcmCompression and TmcmCompressions have changed from being Set’s to integers.
  • Windows Drag & Drop controls: TmcmDropSource and TmcmDropTarget supporting Drag & Drop of images, image files and text between your application and other Windows applications.
  • TmcmImageFileMgr, Added support for registering external file formats. By creating a descending class of TmcmImageFile, external file formats can now be registered and used with the TmcmImageFileManager class. All registered TmcmImageFile descendent classes can be preview in the TmcmThumbView control and TmcmOpenDialog dialog.
  • TmcmThumbView, Added support for Drag & Drop of thumbs/files between the application itself and other applications as Explorer, Word etc.. Both the Delphi and Windows Drag & Drop mechanismes are supported.
  • TmcmThumbView, added CopyFile and MoveFile methods, using the Windows Shell style.
  • TmcmThumbView, added multi-file selection.
  • TmcmThumbView, now only reads the file formats registered with the global instance of TmcmImageFileMgr.
  • TmcmSaveDialog, added option to control if the dialog should limit the file formats and compression methods to the assigned image color resolution or not.
  • TmcmImage, Corrected initialisation of ImageFormat.
  • TmcmImage, Improved handling HBITMAP in the Copy and Paste method.
  • TmcmImageInfo, Added Mirror and Orientation properties reflecting the respective TIFF TAG’s.
  • TmcmImageColor, Added Trace threshold method.
  • TmcmImageMath, Added methods calculating the Magnitude and Orientation.
  • TmcmImageFilter, Added Canny and Marr-Hildreth edge filters.
  • TmcmImageFilter, Added three Despeckle filters for noice removal in documents.
  • TmcmImageTransform, Corrected rotation of 8 bit palette indexed images.
  • TmcmImageTransform, Corrected 90 and 270 degree counter-clockwise direction.
  • TmcmImageMorph, Fixed missing return/error value if ResultImage wasn’t created.
  • TmcmHandleStream, Added a new stream control creating/writing to a Thandle and reading the content of a THandle.
  • Updated buttons in TmcmOpenDialog and TmcmSaveDialog to Windows XP look.
  • Corrected reading 16/32 bit PNG files with alpha channel but without a defined.
  • Corrected an error reading Portable bitmap header.
  • Corrected reading grey scale JPEG having Horizontal and Vertical Frequence set to 1.
  • Corrected an error reading 4 bit non planar PCX images.
  • Corrected PCX decompression for 24 bit images.
  • Correction for TIFF CCITT G4 images created by Kodak 3520 scanner.
  • Corrected an error when decompressing CCITT G4 data where a padding byte (the last byte in the decompression buffer) followed an EOL marker.
  • TmcmImageDB, Corrected a faulty endless loop when a record contained an empty image field.
  • TmcmControls, Corrected a path/file name differentiation problem.
  • Extended the DocScan example project, and corrected problems related to Canon document (ADF) scanners.
  • TmcmTWAIN, Corrected/removed the extra "." added before the file extension.
  • TmcmTWAIN, Added a correction for Fujitsu scanners missing index in retreived palettes.
  • TmcmTWAIN, Resolved slow shut down when some HP TWAIN drivers sends a Close Request when they are not supposed to.
23.02.2005 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.8 and Imaging Toolkit for C++Builder 2.8
This release primarily contains additions to the TmcmImageTransform and TmcmImageColor controls plus a few corrections.
  • Added the Deskew method for automatic correction of skewed documents.
  • TmcmImageTransform, added full support for 1 bit bitonal images.
  • TmcmImageColor, added triangle algorithm for thresholding an image.
  • Corrected an error when decompressing TIFF, CCITT G4 data where a padding byte (the last byte in the decompression buffer) followed an EOL marker.
  • Enabled TmcmImageDB to be placed in a DBCtrlGrid control.
  • Modified TmcmImage.FillRGB to support BW images.
  • Improved reading GIF files having an incorrect header (the bit depth is inconsisten with the palette bit depth).
  • Improved execution time of TmcmImageMorph.Dilate.
23.02.2005 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.4 and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 3.4
This release contains a correction and an addition.
  • Corrected a shut-down problem in one of the threads used by the TmcmTWAIN control.
  • Added Tmcm.ConfigureSource method which opens the data source for configuration of the scan parameters.
02.01.2005 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.7
  • The new edition of the Imaging Toolkit for Delphi, supports Borland's Delphi 2005. The components included in the toolkit are VCL components for Win32 Delphi applications.
02.01.2005 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.3
  • The new edition of the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi, supports Borland's Delphi 2005. The components included in the toolkit are VCL components for Win32 Delphi applications.
09.11.2004 Imaging Toolkit for C++Builder 2.6
  • The "Imaging Toolkit for Delphi" is now available to C++Builder developers as the "Imaging Toolkit for C++Builder". The "Imaging Toolkit for C++Builder" supports C++Builder version 5 and 6. This toolkit is based on the Delphi VCL controls. Included with this toolkit are several sample projects written in C++Builder, showing how to use the included controls.
    For more information of this toolkit please visit the link above.
  • The "Imaging Toolkit for C++Builder" includes the "TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder".
20.09.2004 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.6
  • TmcmImageDualView, Corrected positioning of the Select view window. Corrected bug disallowing setting the glyphs on the zoom and select view buttons.
  • TmcmImageDualView, Added property to set border size. Added properties to set dual view's height and width.
  • TmcmImageTransform, Modified Flip, Mirror and Rotate90 to re-use the instance assigned to ResultImage when the format (Height, Width and ImageFormat) had to be changed.
  • TmcmImageTransform, Corrected the missing return value in Rotate90 on success.
  • Sample project itfd.dpr’s main form, Corrected situations where Zooming variable (FScale) wasn't updated correctly, leading to incorrect reported mouse coordinates in statusbar.
  • Fixed TmcmRegion leaving parts of its border in the image when window is first shown.
  • TmcmImage, corrected and improved the maximum scale (Zoom in) factor possible on Windows 95 through XP compiling with Delphi 3 though 7.
  • Introduce a new method TmcmImage.MaxIntScale that returnes the maximum integer scale factor that can be used. Refer Maximum image, scale & scroll size.
  • Corrections from the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.2 is also included (see below).
03.09.2004 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.2
  • A modification to the thread communicating with the TWAIN drivers, that in some application implementations cause initialisation and opening of a TWAIN driver to fail every second attempt.
  • A clean-up of faulty containers returned by certain TWAIN drivers. It has been observed that a particular TWAIN driver returned an invalid container of data for capabilities which that TWAIN driver didn’t support. This lead to access violations when accessing these containers.
21.07.2004 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.5
  • Added a new file Open and Save dialogue. The new TmcmOpenDialog includes a preview window in the dialogue, whereas the new TmcmSaveDialog incorporates selection of compression methods and options related to the compression methods.
  • In TmcmTWAIN, a problem was fixed where a particular TWAIN driver didn’t return a valid capability handle but returned an successful result code.
  • Included additional properties inherited from TmcmImageCtrl's ancestor TControl, herunder: Anchors, Constaints, Drag.. etc.
  • Improved handling resolution information between the TmcmImage and TmcmImageInfo classes.
  • Improved copy from clipboard, when the bitmap is stored on the clipboard using the BI_BITFIELDS format.
  • Fixed background filling of the right-most column and last row in a TmcmImage’s image.
  • Modified TmcmBmpImage.IsValidFormat to support TBitmapV4Header's.
  • Fixed an error introduced in version 2.4 when reading multi-TIFF files from a stream.
12.03.2004 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.4
  • Added support for Exif metadata in JPEG and TIFF image files. The Exif and GPS information is available in TmcmImageExifInfo and TmcmImageGPSInfo access via the TmcmImageInfo object.
  • Removed the double occurrence of the events OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp in TmcmRegion.
  • Fixed calculating client coordinates in TmcmRegion when handeling WM_NcHitTest event.
12.03.2004 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.1
  • The TmcmTWAIN.OnNegotiation event was modified to include an extra argument "CancelScan". CancelScan allows an application to cancel a scan process if a require capability could not be negotiated. One situation would be checking for paper in an ADF. If the data source reports that the ADF is not loaded setting CancelScan to true will cause TmcmTWAIN to close the data source and data source manager.
  • TmcmTWAIN includes a correction ensuring that a data soure is closed, when TmcmTWAIN.DisableAfterAcquire is set to false, and when the user closes aTWAIN drivers user interface.
31.01.2004 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.3
  • Added the TmcmColorGrid control that can display an image palette.
  • Added the TmcmProfile control scanning intensity profiles at any line path in the image and detects transitions.
  • Modified the TmcmImageDB control to handle two situations: automatically detection of the file format in which image data was saved, and compatibility with how the TDBImage control saves and reads image data. To support this functionality two properties were added: AutoFormat and AddGraphicHeader.
  • Optimised the methods on TmcmImageColor that extract and combine CIE, YCbCr, YIQ and YUV color channels by using MMX instructions. This optimisation is only implemented for Delphi 6 & 7.
  • Added GetAlphaChannel, SetAlphaChannel and CombineRGBA methods on TmcmImageColor to support alpha channel in 32 bit RGB images.
  • GetIntensity from TmcmImageColor now supports BW images.
  • Corrected a problem occurring when reading multiple paged TIFF files from a stream.
  • Fixed an error occuring when saving 1 & 4 bit images in the TIFF format using LZW compression.
  • Decreased the time used to load JPEG images. This optimisation is only implemented for Delphi 6 & 7. The modification concerns the YCbCr to RGB conversion, which is now performed using MMX instructions and using scaled integer math to perform the inverse cosines transformation.
  • Modified how the TmcmRegion control is displayed and updated when properties and position are changed.
  • Added three new properties on the TmcmThumbView to control the thumbnails color and border style. The AddThumb method now enables adding in memory images to a thumb view.
  • Extended the Border property on TmcmImageCtrl to include different styles.
  • Fixed a problem in TmcmOCR that disabled the control from reading an image. When first loading an OCR library for White characters on a black background and then another library for black characters on a white background, the problem occured.
  • Added glyph seperation facility to the Match method on TmcmOCR.
31.01.2004 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.0.4
  • Added code to disabled floating-point exceptions in the Create method. This should solve the floating-point exception problem occuring in some TWAIN drivers.

10.12.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.0.3 and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 3.0.2
  • Corrected a problem in the TmcmTWAIN control that in some situations caused a failure to load certain TWAIN drivers.

10.12.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.2
  • Corrected a problem in the TmcmTWAIN control that in some situations caused a failure to load certain TWAIN drivers.
  • Fixed GetPaletteEntry that swapped the R and B color component.
  • Added MouseWheel support in the TmcmImageCtrl control.
26.11.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.1
  • Added the TmcmImageDB component to support images in data-aware applications. The TmcmImageDB control supports reading and saving images in the supported file formats, with and without compression, from and to a BLOB field in a dataset. Refer to the Image2DB.dpr sample project.
  • Added two helper functions on the TmcmImageFileMgr class, GetFormatFromColor and GetCompressionFromColor. These functions return the file format and compression method that supports a given color resolution of an image.
  • Added LoadFromStreamEx and SaveToStreamEx that allow storing image data in other formats than BMP.
  • Two problems in TmcmImage.SaveToStream has been corrected which ensures that the image data is saved correctly.
  • Removed the IF_RGB32 constant in TmcmImageFormat, as this was causing confusion with the IF_RGBA32 constant. If you have used IF_RGB32 replace this with IF_RGBA32.
17.11.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 2.0
  • Included the new TmcmTWAIN component using threads to free the application from handling the TWAIN manager and driver’s message queue. This solution allows the application to perform other tasks while an image is being scanned.
  • Eliminated flicker and improved how the TmcmImageCtrl handles displaying images. This improvement eliminates flicker when scrolling, updating and zooming the image view.
  • Added support for file association to TmcmImageFileMgr.AssociateFileFormat. With this feature you can associate the support image file format with your application. When the user double clicks on a file in the Windows Explorer or select to open an image in Outlook you application is started and reads the image.
  • Added a property on the TmcmThumbView to specify the selected thumbs text color, and modified thumbs background color to reflect the background color of the TmcmThumbView.
12.11.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 3.0 and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 3.0
The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder have internally been modified to perform all communication between your application and TWAIN drivers in threads. This moves the work of maintaining the scanning process from the applications message queue to the TmcmTWAIN component. The application is thereby free to perform other tasks while images are being scanned.

16.10.2003 OCR Toolkit for Delphi 1.0 & Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.6
The new OCR Toolkit for Delphi is now available. This toolkit is an add-on module to the Imaging Toolkit for Delphi.
With the OCR Toolkit your application can now read characters, digits and patterns converting these into text strings.
The Imaging Toolkit was also released in version 1.6 to support the OCR Toolkit and includes these corrected/added features:
  • Fixed a resource leak in the TmcmTIFFImage component.
  • Fixed a resource leak in the TmcmImageTransform.ConvertTo.
  • Added support for rotating B/W images 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
25.09.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.5
  • Improved the TmcmImageTransform component. The component now supports the following geometric transformations: Translate, Scale, Stretch, Rotate and Shear. By changing the kernel to perform an affine transformation you can perform each of the transformations individually or combined.
  • Interpolation methods supported by the TmcmImageTransform are: Nearest Neighbour, Bilinear, Biquadratic, Bicubic and Hermite.
  • New methods on TmcmImage to FillRGB: fill "canvas" using an RGB color and GetNearestPaletteIndex to obtain the palette index of and RGB color.
  • TmcmImageDualView was enhanced to better support processing "sub-images" thus providing a faster response on the dialogue preview.
01.09.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.4
  • Added a GIF file reader and writer.
  • Added LZW compression to the TIFF reader and writer.
  • Added two new functions on TmcmImageColor to adjust brightness & contrast and Gamma.
  • Added a new sample project "DocScan.DPR" scanning multiple pages and storing these to either individual TIFF files or a single multiple page TIFF file.
06.07.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.5 and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 2.5
This release is primarily to overcome problems with certain low-priced scanners that include TWAIN drivers that do not comply with the TWAIN standard. The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi and C++Builder has maintained a strict protocol, where only capabilities or properties that were reported by the TWAIN driver as support, could be negotiated. This has in a few cases lead to the refusal of opening the driver as it reported that the transfer mechanism wasn't supported. Therefore, the transfer mechanism is always negotiated disregarding what the TWAIN driver "says" on supporting the ICAP_XFERMECH capability.
A new property LenientOnCaps was introduced which will allow any property and capability to be negotiated in OnNegotiation, but only while this property is true.

16.06.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.3.4
  • Morphology is introduced with the new component TmcmImageMorph that includes the morphological methods Close, Dilate, Erode, Open, Outline, Skeleton and more. Part of the TmcmImageMorph component is optimised to use MMX code.
  • Added a new image control TmcmMultiImageCtrl that functions as an image list where one of the images is selected for display.
  • Added two new properties on the TmcmThumbView, that filters the image files to show. FilterFrom and FilterTo is used to filter image files based on either time stamp, file size or file name.
  • Corrected an offset error in Rotate, and expanded the sample project ITFD.DPR to include a dialogue for setting the degree of rotation.
  • Added resetting ImageFormat when the TmcmImage is given a new image or palette handle or when the palette entries are changed.
  • Optimised Threshold on TmcmColor to use MMX code. The sample dialogue in project ITFD.DPR was extended to perform thresholding on 8, 24 and 32 bit color images.
  • Added x,y - index checking when assigning a filter kernel on TmcmFilter.
  • The TmcmTWAIN component is updated accordingly with TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 2.5.
15.06.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.4 and TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 2.4
New properties, events and definitions were added to the TmcmTWAIN component.
  • The property DeviceOnline returns true if the opened data source’s device is online, otherwise false. If the data source does not support the CAP_DEVICEONLINE capability, DeviceOnline will return true.
  • The method OpenSource (also called by the Acquire method) now checks if the selected Data Source is online, but only if the event OnDeviceNotReady is assigned.
  • The OnDeviceNotReady event is fired when a data source is opened and this is not powered on, attached or communicating. This enables you to notify the user of the problem and to correct this. The boolean parameter DoOpenSource is used to determin if the session should be cancelled or retried. DoOpenSource is initially set to true in OpenSource and causes OpenSource to re-test if the data source is online. If DoOpenSource is set to False the data source is closed and the session is terminated.
  • Added definitions for SPIFF and EXIF file formats to be used with the FileFormat and FileFormats properties.
Changes to the Data Source sample project mcmDSTWAIN.DPR:
  • Added support for shortcuts, refer FormKeyDown.
Bug fix
  • TmcmSTI. A correction was applied to the TmcmSTI component that fixes an exception that occur when running on Windows 95 and NT 4.0. These two editions of Windows do not support STI and thesefore does not include the STI DLL files. Unfortunately TmcmSTI did not check if the STI DLL was loaded successfully, and thesefore caused an exception when when trying to access a method belonging to the STI DLL.
  • TmcmTWAIN. Fixed the problem when the TmcmTWAIN property FileFormat is not a part of FileFormats selected file transfer reverts to native transfer.
  • Data Source sample project mcmDSTWAIN.DPR. The DisableDS method was modified to call Application.CancelHint to overcome an error occuring when closing the driver/transferring an image as a result of a click on a speedbutton or other visual components that shows hints.
05.06.2003 MultiTWAIN & MultiCapture 1.0
The MultiTWAIN driver version 1.0 is now available. The MultiTWAIN driver and MultiCapture application support the frame grabber series GrabLink Value and Expert from Euresys s.a.
With the MultiTWAIN driver you can acquire images directly into you favourite image application. MultiCapture allows you to acquire and store images from multiple cameras and frame grabber simultaniously.

16.05.2003 ActiveTWAIN Toolkit 2.3
The ActiveTWAIN Toolkit version 2.3 is a major re-designed. The components were re-written enhancing the functionality, including new events, methods and properties. The LOG facility for test and debugging has been improved.

15.04.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 2.3
Added features and corrections:
  • Support for C++Builder 6
  • All changes to the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi are included in this toolkit.
15.04.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.3
Added features and corrections:
  • New properties were added to the TmcmTWAIN component. These are: AutoBrightness, ClearBatchBuffers, MaxBatchBuffers, NativeXResolution, NativeYResolution, PageType, XScaling and YScaling.
  • The sample project was updated to be more full and consistent with the guideline regarding the order in which to negotiate capabilities.
  • Improved support for ADF.
  • A correction was applied for image transferres via Memory mode, where the data source unfortunately returned a value of zero both for Preferred, Minimun and Maximum buffer size. This condition leaded to an unrecoverable division error.
27.03.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.3.3
  • Multiple image/page TIFF files is now supported.
  • A minor modification to was introduced for the creation of bi-level TIFF images without compression, which enables some picky TIFF reraders to read the image correctly.
06.03.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.3.2
  • The TmcmImageColor.ConvertTo method now takes an extra parameter, which enables adding the 16/20 windows colors to the palette when reducing colors to 256 or 16.
  • A new component TmcmImageDualView is included for use as source and result image previews in dialogues processing images. The uFormThreshold.pas/dfm included in the ITFD.DPR project shows how to put this component into use.
  • Added a property SafeBiLevel to TmcmTIFFImage and TmcmImageFileMgr that ensures that bi-level images saved in TIFF are stored with White as Zero. This property was added as a few but well known TIFF readers do not read bi-level images where Black is Zero, and as a result inverts the image.
  • Modified DrawImage in TmcmImageCtrl to reduce flickering on screen update.
  • Added method to ensure that the TmcmRegion window isn't updated when mouse moves does not result in a position change. Added a method to update the border when the Pen changes. Added checks and events for Mouse/Down/Up and Move.
  • In the TmcmThumbView keyboard navigation using arrow, page, home and end keys, plus alphanumeric keys were added, together with mouse wheel support scrolling one line (thumb) up or down, and with Shift pressed one thumb left or right. Sort files ascending/descending by: Name, Extension, Date/Time and File size. Sort option is not supported in Delphi 3 and 4, but are always sorted by file name.
  • Added STI (Still Image example from the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi) to the ITFD.DPR project showing how your application can be executed when buttons on a scanner or camera is pressed. To associate the ITFD.exe application with a scanner or camera, select “Scanners and Cameras” in the Control Panel. From the list displayed select the scanner you wish to start ITFD.exe and select “Properties”. A list of buttons and applications are now displayed for association. Windows 2000 requires restarted before changes take effect.
06.03.2003 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.2
Added features and corrections:
  • The new component TmcmSTI added to the toolkit integrates applications with Windows Still Image system (STI), making the application to become push-button aware.
  • Added a method that returns the name of the default data source.
  • Corrected implementation of ImageHeight and ImageWidth.
06.02.2003 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.3
With this release the Imaging Toolkit for Delphi introduces the first component using the MMX technology to boots the processing speed.
Added features and corrections:
  • A new component TmcmImageMath is added providing mathematical and logical operators. This new component takes advantage of the MMX technology.
  • The JPEG import and export filter has been renewed providing better compression and higher quality images. Two new compression constant was defined for standard and progressive scans.
  • Added support for reading CCITT compressed data in reversed bit order.
  • Introduced the TmcmBufferStream component now used by all image import and export filters. This new component minimises disk access and speeds up file reads and writes.
  • Conversion to and from 32K (15 & 16 bit) RGB images was added to TmcmImageColor.
  • In the TmcmThumbnail, fixed indexing error in SetSelected thumbnail, and added UpdateThumbsInDir to easier update an already selected directory.
  • Fixed a problem in TmcmImageTransform.Flip (1 bit images).
  • Added TmcmImage.PastRegion, to past an image into a specified region.
  • Modified TmcmImage.ScanLine which speed up access to image lines drastically.
  • Fixed update problem in TmcmImage.DrawImage.
  • Corrected a “bug/problem” in the CCITT decompression. Images produced by Kodak's Imaging program adds an “EOL” marker at the end of each strip in TIFF images.
  • Updated Sample project.
22.10.2002 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.2
The Imaging Toolkit for Delphi now includes the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi.
Added features are:
  • Support for Delphi 7.
  • SGI file format.
  • New threshold methods: ISO data, Background threshold symmetri.
  • New matrix filters: Unsharp mask, Degrain, Median max min, Median min max, and Laplacian.
22.10.2002 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.1
New features:
  • Support for Delphi 7.
  • ResetImageLayout method to reset the Image layout.
  • LogFileName to specify where the log file is stored.
19.09.2002 PicoloTWAIN 1.7
Corrected a problem between PicoloTWAIN and ImagePro Plus, that was introduced in version 1.6 with the "Grab on Enter" and "Exit on Snap" functionality.

08.08.2002 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.1
This release includes a bug fixes for reading PNG images in Delphi 3 and the Image browser (TmcmThumbNail).
Support for TIFF, CCITT group 3 & 4 compression has been added, together with additional matrix filters and a filter browser dialogue.

27.05.2002 Imaging Toolkit for Delphi 1.0
Imaging Toolkit for Delphi is a set of VCL components for image processing. The VCL components includes: image file import and export filters, a thumbnail viewer for showing stored images in different file formats. Components to print images and to present a preview. Color format conversion, histograms, filters and spatial transformation.

24.01.2002 TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder 2.0
The TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder version 2.0 contains the same new features as described for the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi.
Included with the TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder version 5 is the frame work to write TWAIN drivers.

21.12.2001 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 2.0
The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 2.0 is a major re-designed. The components were re-written enhancing the functionality, including new events, methods and properties. The included Data Source is also re-written making it even simpler to write TWAIN drivers. The LOG facility for test and debugging has been improved and is included in both the TWAIN driver and TmcmTWAIN component.
With this version, the API function library is discontinued.

20.03.2001 TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder & TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 1.9.2
The new release of the TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder and Delphi version 1.9.2 contains added functionality and a correction to image file transfer settings.

26.02.2001 ActiveTWAIN Toolkit 1.9.2
The new release of the ActiveTWAIN Toolkit version 1.9.2 contains added functionality and a correction to image file transfer settings.

22.01.2001 DominoTWAIN 1.0
The DominoTWAIN driver version 1.0 is now available. The DominoTWAIN driver support the frame grabber series Domino Mini, Maxi and Mega from Euresys s.a.

12.12.2000 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 1.9.1
The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 1.9.1 is release, providing improved message routing and device event handling, plus a new object to obtain information about the selected data source.

07.09.2000 PicoloTWAIN 1.3
The PicoloTWAIN driver version 1.3 does now work together with both the Picolo Industrial and MultiCam device driver.

27.08.2000 Image Lab 2.1
Image Lab 2.1 is released. The new release provides an improved user interface making it easier to work with Image Lab. Among the changes is the new Morphology facility for object manipulation, easier to use optical and spatial calibration window.

25.06.2000 ActiveTWAIN Toolkit 1.9
The ActiveTWAIN Toolkit version 1.9.0 is released, adding the new functionality described in the TWAIN specifications version 1.9.

12.06.2000 PicoloTWAIN 1.2
PicoloTWAIN is released in version 1.2 now featuring image integration and averaging.

12.06.2000 TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder and TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 1.9
TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder and TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 1.9.0 are released. This release complies with the TWAIN specification version 1.9, including support for C++Builder version 5 and "device events".

10.04.2000 TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 1.8.4
TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 1.8.4 is released. This release adds two new events to process images in chunks without having to allocate memory for the entire image.

01.03.2000 PicoloTWAIN 1.0
The first release of the PicoloTWAIN Driver is now available. The PicoloTWAIN driver support the frame grabber series Picolo from Euresys s.a.

28.02.2000 Image Lab 2.0.4
Image Lab version 2.0.4 is released. The major addition to this version is the new Contour Trace facility.

21.02.2000 TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder and TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 1.8.3
TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder and TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi version 1.8.3 are released. This release supports C++Builder 3 & 4, and Delphi 3, 4 & 5.

28.01.2000 ActiveTWAIN Toolkit 1.8.3
ActiveTWAIN Toolkit version 1.8.3 is released. The ActiveTWAIN Toolkit includes C++Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic and Visual C++ examples.

21.01.2000 mTCi TWAIN Driver & Application
The mTCi TWAIN Driver & Application was updated to support External trigger in the Coreco SE-RGB frame grabber.

17.01.2000 CREAM for Windows
MCM DESIGN acquired the software package "CREAM for Windows" from Kem-En-Tec A/S.
MCM DESIGN will continue the great work put into this project by Kem-En-Tec A/S, and is now committed to take the product into the this new millennium, approaching the latest analysis's used in the protein and DNA area. We hope to maintain the good relationship to the scientist and users that has been involved in this product until now, and welcome all new co-operations that will make the upcoming product a valued analysis packaged for use in protein and DNA science.
Until the new product is released the "CREAM for Windows" software package will continue to be available from Kem-En-Tec A/S.

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