This page provides a fully functional evaluation copy of the PicoloTWAIN driver.
Note, the evaluation copy will lower the contrast in half the image, when the image is transferred to the calling application or when it is saved!

The PicoloTWAIN driver supports the following frame grabbers from Euresys s.a. Picolo, Picolo Pro, Picolo Pro 2 and Picolo Pro 3. The driver complies with the TWAIN standard version 1.9.

Important: The PicoloTWAIN driver is installed into the following directories:

  • TWAIN driver: d:\Windows\TWAIN_32\PicoloTWAIN\
  • Application: d:\Windows\TWAIN_32\PicoloTWAIN\
  • Online Help: d:\Windows\TWAIN_32\PicoloTWAIN\
File nameVersionDateSizeEdition
picolotwn.exe2.02014-03-241.672 MBDemo

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